From Roofing to Law School to Litigation: Meet Attorney Leonard Heath, the 80th President of the Virginia State Bar


Attorney Leonard Heath is a partner of Heath, Old & Verser, PLCin Newport News, Virginia, who helps clients overcome a variety of serious and complex legal challenges. He is also the new President of the Virginia State Bar. However, despite his accomplishments and active participation in Virginia’s legal community, there was a time when Attorney Heath might have become a roofer instead. Attorney Leonard Heath

In a recent article shared in the Virginia Lawyer, the official publication of the Virginia State Bar, Attorney Heath shared his professional background and personal experiences. He discussed how he was working as a roofer on a hot summer day in 1983 when the grueling nature of the work gave him an epiphany: he was certain he wanted to become an attorney. Heath’s own father was a roofer — and indeed the Heath family had roofers for generations back — but it was not the right fit for him.

Shortly after this epiphany, Heath began his legal education and for the first time in his life, faced serious challenges in the classroom. Rather than changing his mind and shying away from becoming a lawyer, he continued forward with more determination than ever. Not only did he continually refine his understanding of the law and legal processes, he also involved himself heavily in specialized legal committees. The “never back down” spirit he discovered within himself back then remains with him to this day, where he applies it to the cases he handles for his clients and the work he does for the Virginia State Bar.

Due to his dedication to excellence, his passion for the legal profession, and his inherent leadership qualities, Attorney Heath was installed as the 80th President of the Virginia State Bar on June 15, 2018. One of his top goals as the leader of the Virginia State Bar is bringing more attention to the high stress, anxiety, and depression experienced by a large percentage of attorneys who rarely share their stories or seek help. By raising awareness of these issues, Attorney Heath hopes to leave a lasting impact on the lawyers of the Virginia State Bar and the clients they serve.

You can learn even more about Attorney Heath’s story by clicking here and viewing the full Virginia Lawyerarticle. If you need his assistance with a complex or high-stakes legal case of your own, you can contact our law firm at (888) 599-4090 at any time.

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