Tractor Trailer Crashes

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Tractor-trailer accidents differ from other types of vehicle accidents. The biggest difference, of course, is in the shear mass of these commercial vehicles and the force or degree of impact they can inflict. Semi-trucks are the largest objects on the road. Any driver or passenger who gets in an accident with an 18-wheeler is at risk of suffering severe injuries or death

The Hampton Roads area is a hub for large transit. The Virginia Port Authority Newport News Shipbuilding and the coal terminals are all located in this area. This means that large tractor-trailers are on the roads throughout our area.

A fully-loaded tractor-trailer weights anywhere between 65,000 and 80,000 pounds. A semi pulling an empty trailer weighs roughly 35,000 pounds.

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The Difference Between Car & Truck Accidents

Another crucial difference between truck accidents and car accidents is your opponent. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you will be making a claim against one or more businesses. Commercial truck companies are generally required to carry a minimum of 1 Million Dollars in liability insurance. Motor carriers of certain hazardous materials must have $5,000,000 in liability coverage.

The good news in trucking cases is that there is usually a large amount of insurance coverage. 

The primary culprit in any semi-truck case is the driver. But he is also working for a company that has to answer for the driver's negligence. Oftentimes, that company is leasing the tractor and/or the trailer. And many times, the load that is being hauled has been arranged through a third party broker.

On the other hand, insurance companies will fight tenaciously in order to minimize their exposure. At Heath & Verser, P.L.C., you can be assured that our law firm will be just as tenacious in our representation of your interests. We will tirelessly prepare your case for the best possible outcome, from investigating the case through negotiation, and when necessary, at trial.

Helping People across Virginia after Semi-Truck Accidents

In a truck accident, more than one party is usually at fault. We will work to uncover all potential sources of recovery. Each case comes with its own unique set of facts, circumstances, and issues.

The following is just a partial list of the areas that may need investigation:

  • Was the truck driver properly trained?
  • Did the driver take proper rest?
  • Did the driver have a history of alcohol or drug abuse?
  • Was the truck properly maintained?
  • Was the truck properly loaded?
  • Was the driver operating at proper speeds?

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