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If you or a loved one has been injured in a serious accident you will need an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the process and maximize any potential recovery.  Keep in mind that insurance companies employ experienced claims adjusters who will contact you immediately after the accident and who will want to ask you questions, take recorded statements, and have you sign authorizations.  While the adjusters may be friendly people, keep in mind that their sole job is to minimize or eliminate your claim.  At the same time, medical insurance companies or government agencies may contact you indicating that they claim a right of reimbursement from any money you might receive for medical expenses they have paid. 

The financial fallout from an injury that was caused by another may be overwhelming.  Lost wages, mounting medical bills, and continued treatment costs can create severe economic hardship and anxiety for many victims. 

Our lawyers have decades of experience helping injured people secure the compensation they deserve, while also providing peace of mind during the process.  We are experienced in working with you to coordinate and maximize benefits from certain insurance coverages, such as healthcare insurance, medical payments coverage, liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and underinsured motorist coverage.  Our attorneys are available to help you hold negligent individuals or businesses accountable for the damages and losses they caused.

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We've Recovered Millions of Dollars for the Injured in Virginia

Our firm can deliver the powerful advocacy required for you to receive full and fair compensation. We are ready to hear your story and provide unwavering support through each and every step of your case. Our personal injury attorneys in Virginia have obtained millions of dollars in recovery on behalf of our clients and are prepared to provide the hard-hitting representation needed to strengthen your case next.

Our representation includes:

  • Track record of success
  • Full investigation of your accident and the parties involved
  • Contingency-based representation
  • Formidable and resolute advocacy should your case go to court
  • We will work with medical professionals to understand the impact of your injuries
  • We will negotiate with insurance carriers to recover full compensation
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Personal Injury FAQS

Being injured in an accident is a very unfortunate experience but it doesn't have to be complicated. Our team at Heath & Verser, P.L.C. works hard to communicate with our clients in an informative way that is easy to understand. If you're considering hiring a personal injury lawyer, we've provided answers to commonly asked questions.

How long do I have to file a claim?

According to the Code of Virginia section 8.01-243, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Virginia is two years. This means you have two years from the date of your injury to file a claim or you may lose your right to compensation. Virginia does recognize some exceptions to the statute of limitations depending on the specifics of your case. An attorney from our firm can let you know if you qualify for an extension to the statute of limitations.

What sort of damages can I recover as the victim?

Juries are given instructions on the different categories of damages. They include any bodily injury sustained, any physical pain and mental anguish suffered in the past and any to be expected in the future, any disfigurement or deformity, any inconvenience, any medical expenses incurred in the past and expected in the future, and any lost earnings.

What is needed to recover compensation?

There are usually three elements to prove in a successful personal injury case—establishing that an entity or individual acted negligently, the negligence directly caused your injuries, and you were not exhibiting any negligence at the same time.

Do I really need an attorney?

You are not legally obligated to have representation for a personal injury claim; however, it can help your chances to recover compensation considerably. An attorney can provided leverage against insurance companies who will only offer as little as possible, usually an unreasonable amount. Furthermore, to recover more than for just your medical bills, additional documentation and filings must be done which an attorney would be well-versed in doing.

What is contributory negligence?

If the injured party acted negligently as well leading up to the accident, this may jeopardize their ability to collect damages. When the defendant can prove any amount of negligence which contributed to the accident, the plaintiff would be barred from recovering compensation.

We Prioritize Your Best Interests Every Step Of The Way.

Each of our firm's founding partners has represented insurance companies in the past. We know first-hand the tactics insurance carriers will use and can deliver proactive strategies to counteract them. You can trust that our wealth of legal knowledge enables a creative legal approach to get you real results.

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